Part-time study

Part-time study is offered in the following study programs:

Russian Language and Culture in Professional Communication: bachelor's (Bc.), master's (Mgr.) and doctoral degrees (PhD.) provide students with theoretical knowledge about the system and functioning of phonetics and phonology, morphology, lexicology, syntax and stylistics) as well as knowledge from theory and practice of translation and interpretation. The graduates are specialists in business and cultural spheres, the public sector, may work for various scope of international companies, translation and interpreting agencies or specialized fields of communication (economy, business administration, tourism, business and financial law, etc.).

• Teaching academic subjects – Russian language in combination with another subject: bachelor's (Bc.) and master's (Mgr.) degrees prepare teachers for lower and higher secondary education. The graduates can work as teachers at elementary, secondary and/or higher education schools, as cultural workers or workers in the public sector, editorial staff, private financial instutions, translation agencies, etc.

The standard length of part-time bachelor studies is set at 4 years, master 3 years and doctoral 4 years.

• After completing the five-year study, those who wish, may continue in post-graduate study and earn academic degree PhDr. (doctor of philosophy) or PaedDr. (doctor of pedagogy).

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  • Department of Russian Studies
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